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Tai Chi gentle form of exercise can prevent or ease many ills of aging and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life.


Tai Chi staggering of benefits most impressive:

Improved Balance and flexibility.

Strengthened muscular strength. 

Relief of joint pain, improved quality of sleep. 

Strengthened immune system.

Lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Optimistic. Lessened anxiety. 


Some evidence indicates that tai  chi also may help:

Enhance quality of sleep

Enhance the immune system

Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Improve joint pain

Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure

Improve overall well-being in older adults

Reduce risk of falls in older adults.

As one of the traditional martial arts, Tai Chi has the effect of health preservation, especially for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Practicing Taijiquan requires concentration and the intention to lead the body, which has a good effect on the brain. Traditional Chinese medicine advocates: "Qi is handsome for blood, and qi can produce blood." Tai Chi practice is exactly the practice of qi", "Exercising the qi with your mind, and the your body ." When practicing Tai chi, you must be guided by your mind, with internal movement leading to external movement.

When you practice Tai Chi correctly, by relaxing and practicing strictly, it will produce more internal energy. Your body the internal qi will pushes the blood flow, can well prevent the occurrence of blood stasis and thrombosis, and can unblock the meridians.


 Tai Chi Fundamentals is the simplest and easiest to learn. It is a unique exercise for all ages and physical conditions. The form lubricates all the joints, eases the mind, relaxes the body and enhances balance. It is a perfect form of movement with no side effects. It is good for people with physical limitations and discomfort. Tai chi can be easily adapted for anyone, from the most fit to people confined  to wheelchairs or recovering in from surgery. 

Let me tell you how I feel

   Tai Chi effective the people with arthritis and can less pain,


Tai Chi & Healthy qigong exercises that improve muscular strength,

flexibility and fitness. 

1. Muscle strength is important for supporting and protecting joints.

It is essential for normal physical function. 

2. Flexibility exercises enable people to move more easily. Flexibility also facilitates the circulation of body fluid and blood, which enhances healing. Many arthritic conditions such as fibromyalgia, scleroderma, and spondylitis are characterized by joint stiffness and impaired physical function. Tai chi gently frees up stiff joints and muscles.

3. Fitness is important for overall health and the proper functioning of the heart, lungs, and muscles. Tai Chi & Healthy qigong can improve all of these components.

4.  When you are practicing Tai Chi  & Health Qigong also focuses on weight transference, which improves balance and prevents falls.

Qigong has also been called "Chinese Yoga." But you don’t need to lay down, and your knee and hand is free, so healthy Qigong is suitable for anyone to practice   It increases the body's energy through gentle stretching and correct breathing. Qigong is a self-therapy often prescribed as a remedy by Chinese Doctors. It is proven to relieve many ailments: back pain, neck and shoulder problems, cardiac ailments, low energy, immune function, GI problems, muscle stiffness, arthritic complaints and many other difficulties. It also improves your posture! It can be practiced even if you are ill or recovering from surgery. can be done lying, sitting, or standing,  Qigong is accessible for disabled persons, seniors, and people recovering from injuries Over time, Qigong will lengthen your life , improve the quality of your life, happiness and health.

Tai Chi & Qigong activity helps to relieve pain and reduce stress This is accomplished in various ways. First, Increasing muscular strength helps to protect the joints, thereby reducing pain. Second, improved flexibility allows for better blood and joint fluid circulation,  which also leads to less pain. Third, Tai Chi & healthy Qigong  is a mind body exercise, which improves the serenity and relaxation of the mind and thus reduces pain and stress. As a result, those who practice Tai Chi or healthy Qigong often experience less depression and enhanced immunity. 

Many studies have shown that Tai Chi and Qigong have a positive effect on the recovery of stroke and Parkinson's disease. Please click here below to see how they feel.

Danly Neilson: USA Certified 

1.Tai Chi / Qi gong instructor level III.

2.  Personal Fitness Trainer --Special for Balance.

3. Health Coach.



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