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Can I learn from videos ?

The best way is learn from an have experienced instructor, Although there are many manuals and videos that teach you Tai Chi, you should always learn from an instructor because you might not be able to learn the correct moves from manuals. Videos are also difficult to follow correctly. An instructor will not only be able to inform you about the principles of each move but can alter incorrect moves and answer queries. Once you have learned the right techniques, it's possible to follow the instructions mentioned in  a video.


Is it correct to have either high or low postures in the set movements of Tai Chi?

The art of Tai Chi does not distinguish high and low postures, but is rather based on the idea of four "balances" or equilibriums,

1) Balance in the magnitude of the posture or movement such as both sides of the body must have "balanced" amount of spatial displacement when moving;

2) Accuracy or precision achieved simultaneously by all parts of the body;

3) Bodily balance when moving or turning;

4) Steadiness particularly when moving.

External and internal balance or harmony must be cultivated where there is no slanting of the central axis of the body. When hind force is invoked, the hind knee being bent will move up or straighten slightly though the height of the body remains unchanged. This is so as consciousness (or intent) and Qi would "close" centrally instead of coming up while the bended knee is used to adjust accordingly. Consciousness is used to lead the muscles in relaxing. Joints, muscles and ligaments must then be loosened, relaxed, and "thrown" open but still linked. The body is then erect and comfortable. Consciousness is also used to "move" Tai Chi principles to all parts of the body. Having achieved "four balances and eight steadiness," the question of high and low postures is then answered individually.


How many times must we practice the set movements everyday?

The important principle is moderation. The practicing technique must be correct in the first place. Some people say you must practice the whole set of movements ten times a day with one set lasting about 25 minutes. This only focuses on quantity and is wasting qi and energy. It is contrary to the basic principles of Tai Chi succeeding in only making you sweat and reducing weight. It is not beneficial to the development of the internal force, internal organs or generally the body internally. One set of movement lasts only 6 minutes." Practicing too much or too little is subject to whether it is practiced correctly or not. Utilizing my experience and following my practicing technique, students are encouraged to practice every morning and evening using about 5 minutes to practice a particular movement or posture (dividing each of them into 2 parts) or 3 times the whole set of 24 form. Those students who do so are likely to succeed.


When not to practice Tai Chi ?

You should never practice Tai Chi on a full stomach. If you have just recovered from an infection or are tired or disinclined, give your session a miss. If you force yourself to practice Tai Chi when you are disinclined or unwell, you might get stressed out by the session and not derive all the benefits you should ideally gain. When you learn Tai Chi it can improve your energy levels, make you sleep better, help reduce the pain suffered by arthritic patients, and make you feel calm and happy. Hence, it should be added to your daily routine. The precautions mentioned above can prevent you from making any mistakes and can help you enjoy Tai Chi to the maximum.


What is the best time and place to practice Tai Chi?

The best time to practice tai chi is at morning 8-9 am at outdoor and evening 3-5 or before 9 pm .



What should I wear to Tai Chi class ?
Just wear loose comfortable clothing, and it is important to choose the right shoes to protect you. All Tai Chi instructors encourage our students to wear professional Tai Chi shoes. They have soft rubber soles and a comfortable insole. The most important feature is the sole has been designed for a better grip on the floor, it won't slip, and can provide enough support to help you maintain your balance. The sole is thin enough to allow you to feel the ground .
Please no street shoes, no running shoes, and do not wear only socks (this can cause slipping). No heeled shoes, this is hard on your back, makes balance difficult, and changes the way the whole body moves.


The characteristics of Tai Chi shoes

1,  followed by a vertical heel.

2,  foot surface is thin soft, and light,

3,  flat, thick, wide bottom.

Specially designed sole for a better grip on the floor. Thermoplastic elastomer bottom sole shock absorption, prevent slippery, wear-resisting Shoe breathable, choose real leather shoes, don't choose artificial leather. 

How to identify it is a copy (or low quality) shoes?
1, The sole is thin material.  They are use of cutting space to form a soft feeling, when you bend it only  feel the softness, and  can see the opening space, use the hand to feel the front of the shoes, it is thin metrical  compare with the good shoes. If you keep use them long time, they may cause leg injury, or will easy to feel tired.
2, Artificial leather.  Coating the shoes to cover the quality of leather. They will not good for air permeability.
 3, When you wearing the shoes. Stand up naturally and let other one to see, if the toes is up, not the flat on the ground. It will affect your balance control.
If long time use inferior shoes, which can result in injuries to your knees or ankles.  A pair of professional shoe, it make you feel is different.  Therefore, the function of tai chi shoes should not be underestimated.
We suggest you order from eBay and search for item: 18163802 6867   
                         (These shoes are our tai chi association long-term choice). If you order your shoes from this link and  if you would like to have a free tai chi T- shirt, please send me a message including : Name, contact info, and shoes order #,  also tell me your T shirt size.


Why can’t I wear my athletic shoes?

Running shoes designed to propel you forward, and are usually unsuitable for practicing Tai Chi. Due to the characteristics of Tai Chi, as a flowing continuous exercise with many foot movements. There are many of forefoot landing and have many heel strikes. When in a single leg movement you can become unstable and may loose your balance. This can cause knee joint or heel damage. Your foot is rotating frequently throughout Tai Chi, which can put strain on the knee if your foot does not slide following the body movement. You may keep your running shoes to practice Tai Chi, and maybe you feel is ok to wear these shoes as a beginner. When you know more Tai Chi movements, or when you go up to the high level class, you will feel need to have a right shoe to perform the correct Tai Chi movements and keep you safe.

The wrong shoe could inhibit your form, making it difficult to turn or pivot and possibly even lead to knee problems.  The right shoe will help you connect to the Earth, pivot on one leg and twist easily without knee strain.

However, we request you wear a right shoes when you practice Tai Chi,  it  more important  is give you safely and confidence.


Shoes are the only special equipment for your Tai Chi Class.  Every sport requires special equipment and in Tai Chi shoes are the special equipment for Tai Chi.

The shoes and T-shirt we chose for our class

When I  put on my  professional Tai Chi Shoes and Clothes ,  my mind is ready for Tai Chi,  I  really feel I have more energy.   This pair of shoes is  great help for me to practice my balance, and give me more confidence.  I love the shoes !

YMCA – Sheila.

How to choose a pair of profession Tai Chi shoes?  Many students ordered online and got the wrong pair of shoe or wrong size. We suggest you don't need to spend over $100 for a shoes, but don't buy cheap shoes.  You need the right shoe, which is comfortable  and of good quality that you can wear a long time. For ensuring your onetime purchase of the right shoe.  If you are attend our class, you can ask me for the sample to try before you order.

Danly Neilson: USA Certified 

1.Tai Chi / Qi gong instructor level III.

2.  Personal Fitness Trainer --Special for Balance.

3. Health Coach.