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Istructor Training

Tai  Chi instructor training

On account of more and more people are accepting the Tai Chi culture.  Currently, many communities or city require we go to open the original Chinese style Tai Chi class the for their members, but we only have a few instructors, can't satisfy their requests.  I am deeply sorry for not being able to provide this service for these communities. The No.1 reason is our schedule is already full, and second Some locations are too far away from us.

To satisfy this demand. Now we are opening the Tai  Chi instructor training for our non-students. The program have theory for the course:  For the basic theoretical knowledge. Have to learn about Tai Chi the history and learn how tai chi culture starts in China, after three thousand years of trial, it is still popular what are the benefits that make tai chi gradually recognized by the whole world, also recommended by many medical professionals. 



Instructro training program:
Theory for the course:  For the basic theoretical knowledge. Tai chi benefit and why does the doctors recommend practicing tai chi? who can practice Tai Chi. Why after the people practice tai chi  their body figure have big change?
Movements practice curriculum: 
learn the authentic tai chi basic movements, feel and make you comfortable with your balance, smooth movement, flowing,  Qi is the accumulation of Dian Tian. Feel the Qi through your body, the mind is calm. you learn to feel Tai Chi that is both relaxing and physically challenging.
Teacher skill, how to let your students interest in tai chi? What's important here is how quickly they receive the tai chi benefits. So teacher's ability level and patience, love, and at the right time, right levels with a flexible teaching plan.
If you interested in teach tai chi or to improve your tai chi teaching  skill  to be a really tai chi instructor.  you can join our tai chi instructor program.  After your finish all the tai chi instructor program, you need to pass the test through the Tai Chi training association in China and they issue a certificate to you. You will be a qualified junior tai chi instructor coming this season.
If you have any questions or need more detail, please leave your messages.

Danly Neilson: USA Certified 

1.Tai Chi / Qi gong instructor level III.

2.  Personal Fitness Trainer --Special for Balance.

3. Health Coach.



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