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Chair Tai Chi & Healthy Qi gong

Half seat & Wheelchair Tai Chi & Healthy Qi gong

1. Chair & wheelchair Tai Chi & healthy Qi gong promotes upper body strength, flexibility, mobility, and circulation.

2. Half seat in Tai Chi & healthy Qi gong exercises your upper body it also focuses on your legs to improve your  balance, muscle tone and flexibility.

Wheelchair Tai Chi & healthy Qigong  can be practiced as a seated form by anyone looking for a simple, low-cost, low-impact, upper-body exercise; and it already has shown promise in a number of other health care areas, including among the elderly and those with temporary immobility.


A standing form of Tai Chi & Healthy Qigong practice is not always easy and comfortable. Especially for those who also endure knee or hip problems. The seated Tai Chi & Healthy Qigong program enables people who use wheelchairs to try this gentle exercise that can increase energy, endurance and flexibility. As well as help reduce chronic pain and blood pressure.

Half seat in Tai Chi & healthy Qigong.  This program is a stand up and seat change exercise.  It is perfect  for those who are unable to stand up to practice Tai Chi & healthy qi gong  whole movements.   This  program  not  only exercises your upper body it also focuses on your legs to improve your  balance, muscle tone and flexibility.  You will  feel your life change and have more confidence.  The fun thing is you feel just  like dancing to the music. 

Wheelchair or Chair Tai Chi & healthy Qigong also is good for increasing range of motion and strengthening arm muscles, stomach muscle, movements allow a wide range of lower back and hip movements. Also, the movements help promote upper body mobility and internal circulation. Vertical and horizontal circles improve and stimulate the rotation and range of motion for the torso, waist, back, shoulders, arms and wrists.

These well coordinated and relaxed body movements are slow and uninterrupted like flowing streams and moving clouds. The mind is tranquil but alert with a focused consciousness directing the body movements in conjunction with deep abdominal breathing. That is performed in rhythmic harmony creating a unified flow of energy and the respiratory system.

Danly Neilson: USA Certified 

1.Tai Chi / Qi gong instructor level III.

2.  Personal Fitness Trainer --Special for Balance.

3. Health Coach.



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