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            Activate Acupuncture points and Dredging the Meridian
          One time facial dredge meridian = Ten years of facial beauty

Why only one time to dredge the meridian for your face the effect is obviously better than doing facial beauty for ten.

Why does someone look older than their peers? In addition to genetic factors, many causes are blood, qi deficiency, and meridian blockage.

Acne and spots on the face and the face looks yellowing, dullness, graying, wrinkles, and other problems are mainly caused by meridians blocked, poor qi and blood, stagnation of qi and blood stasis, and are often signs of changes in the body's condition. If the meridians are blocked in the face, then your facial skin problem. If the meridians are blocked in the body, will form inflammation, cysts, etc.

Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to dredging the meridians and maintaining internal organs. Meridian is the general term for meridians. It crisscrosses and spreads all over the body. It is the human body's path of qi and blood experience. The internal organs and the external joints of the limbs can run the blood and transport nutrients, assist the internal organs to complete their physiological functions, resist pathogens, and conduct deficiency and excess. To put it simply: Meridians are the pathways through which the body's qi and blood flow. The transportation of nutrients and the excretion of toxins are all done through the meridians. The health and disease conditions of the human body are reflected through the channels and channels to the reflection area of the face, and the face is a mirror that reflects the health of the human body.

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