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TCM Heealth Care
Many benefits of Tai Chi and Chinese medicine are similar
Why do People who study Chinese medicine like to practice Tai Chi and Qigong?
Tai Chi-is an advanced Chinese medicine method, this is the base principle. Chinese medicine says so.
People who don't care enough about themselves will get sick easily and only know to take the pills. People who study Chinese medicine understand the power of Tai Chi. Practicing Tai Chi is the guide for the inner qi, and the internal organs will become stronger and the blood and qi will keep being balanced. 
Although they are doctors of Chinese medicine, their ideal is to stay healthy for a lifetime without taking medicine. They study Chinese medicine for saving people from illness, but practicing Tai Chi and Qigong is to save themselves.
1, Yin Yang and Five Elements

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it talks about yin and yang opposition, yin and yang ebb and flow, yin and yang mutual roots, and yin and yang transformation; Tai chi is Tai chi Quan theory is deduced with the Taiji diagram as the center. Balanced relationship in.

2. Relationship between Qi and BloodChinese medicine believes that qi and blood are the basic substances that constitute the human body, and are the material basis for the activities of the human organs, meridians, and tissues and organs.


The harmony and smoothness of Qi and blood are the keys to human health. Tai Chi focuses on the training of essence, qi, and spirit, especially when exercising, it requires the mind to conduct the body, the body to conduct the qi, so that the qi and blood flow smoothly and peacefully.

3 viscera meridian

Regardless of traditional Chinese medicine or Tai Chi, its prevention, treatment, and health care must be implemented in the function of the viscera. The theory of viscera meridian in Chinese medicine is its core part. Tai chi exercises use movement guidance, breath adjustment,

spiritual, mind exercises to maintain normal viscera functions and coordinate internal and external relations for health care and disease prevention.


4. Emotion adjustment

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that emotional activities are based on the function of the internal organs, Abnormal changes in human emotions can lead to a reversal of the Qi machine, resulting in dysfunction and damage to the internal organs.

Tai Chi is called "perceptual movement" because its training is inseparable from people's minds and feelings. For Tai chi, the beginner should pay attention to whether the action is correct, and then pay attention to mastering every essential in the practice. For example, whether to

chest and back, shoulders and elbows, loose waist and hips, qi whether sinking in the Dantian, etc. However, this is only a preliminary conductor of mind. In the future, you will gradually use the mind to guide the qi and move the body with qi …

The Meridians are like the transportation network in the body. Qi flows along the meridian. Simply put, the Meridian is like a bus route, and acupuncture points are like stations on each line. If you want to go somewhere, you just need to find the right station.
Obviously, the meridian lines are channels for ventilating blood, and their channels are connected. Meridians are divided into yin and yang, with yang on the surface and yin on the inside. Once the meridian is blocked, the qi does not move and the blood cannot move normally. The balance of yin and yang in the body will gradually be broken, and human health will appear sub-healthy. This is what you often hear: easy to gain weight, difficult to lose weight. Long-term too thin and feel weak. The skin iusse, it looks older than the age, facial wrinkles, spots, too dry and other skin problems, as well as sleep, heart distress, gastrointestinal and other small problems.  If the meridian is severely blocked, it feel cold hands and feet, numb legs and feet, cervical back pain, body aches, swelling , free contact pain or pressure pain in certain parts of your body, etc. All these performances are yin, yang are not balanced and the meridians are blocked. blocked = Pain. It will continue to cause serious health problems.
Yin and yang are dynamically transformed, and absolute balance between yin and yang does not exist. It is an ideal state to maintain a stable balance of yin and yang in the body. What Chinese medicine should do is to coordinate yin and yang continuously, so that yin and yang are infinitely close to a balanced state. .
In addition to 5,000 years of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine also has eight unique therapies: acupuncture, cupping, massage, scraping essential oils, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine fumigation, moxibustion, Chinese medicine soaking.
There are also health treatments with daily diet. These therapies are safe, and excellent mather for daily health care.

When you drive the car, you adjust the wheel point to prevent accidents. In Your life, you also need to adjust the balance of yin and yang to maintain your health live.


We encourage everyone to learn some basic natural Chinese medicine health care, because it is aimed at sub-health problems, treatment of diseases before they appear. Before pills and surgery, try some basic natural physiotherapy, or use the flavored food on the table to eliminate diseased buds. Daily natural food medicinal materials, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, roots, seeds, beans... and meat. These foods have yin and yang, respectively, have supplement and excretory effects, so they are also medicinal materials for Chinese food therapy. If used correctly, it can effectively expel toxins from the body, enhance qi and blood, regulate the balance of visceral qi and blood, and achieve the purpose of enhancing physical fitness. Tai Chi, Qigong, Meridian Health Exercises are also an important part of TCM health care-adjust the balance between Yin and Yang, enhance physical fitness and improve immunity.

         Moxibustion = harmonize yin and yang, open the meridians
Insufficient yang qi is the root of all diseases.  Yang Qi =life.  keep your qi is keep your life.  

Pure Yang's moxibustion cures all diseases. Ways to strengthening Qi in  life methods sought by tens of thousands of people are here!"Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" "Acupuncture is unable to solve, the  moxibustion is suitable."Bian Que xin Book": The life-saving method, moxibustion first.""Mencius" "Seven years of disease, we should seek three years of moxa."Moxibustion has the function of warming and regulating, replenishing Yuanyang, dispelling cold stasis, clearing meridians, and replenishing qi and blood. moxibustion  have  to be combined with the theoretical of traditional Chinese medicine , if not you're just  barbecue.      

Many ordinary Chinese through learning, mastered some functions of basic Chinese medicinal materials , and the health care treatments of daily diet in different degrees. And through learning and training, master some basic natural physiotherapy common sense such as: Chinese medicine fumigation, Chinese medicine soaking, moxibustion, scraping essential oil, massage, etc. These physiotherapy have yin and yang, supplement and excretion different functions. For example, yang deficiency does not cupping, yin deficiency does not moxibustion. Correct mastery will be very good and timely as an important means of health care for yourself and your family.
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the treatment of severe diseases also need to cooperate with prescriptions, which must require long-term formal professional training and certified professionals.

If you are interested in chinese natural health care, please contact me                      and let me know what we can help you or what you like to learn.  We currently have class for the healthy soup.  It is follow natural season yin yang  change to make different soup.  It is delicious and healthy, popular health soup regimen,  and the defferent soup for  defferent the common sub-health symptoms.   We also have basis class of Moxibustion.  Moxibustion =  qi , alson adjust the body yin yang balance.
Yes , we are provide there are any singl or combination health care service .  
We  have personal comprehensive health management program.  It is  according  the person  health iusse to craete his or her own  health care program ,  It is incuding the daily healthy food, strengthening physical exercise training,  Chinese natural medicine to balance yin yang to help you back to health sooner.

Danly Neilson: USA Certified 

1.Tai Chi / Qi gong instructor level III.

2.  Personal Fitness Trainer --Special for Balance.

3. Health Coach.



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