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City hall of Fort Myers and Lee County FL

Chinese sport and medicine are getting more and more recognition and becoming popular in the USA.

I was pleased to be invited to give a demo at the city hall of Fort Myers and Lee County in January 2015.

                                                             The Focus of This Year


Hope you all are well. in 2020, due to COVID-19 lots of people, realize the life important factor is health! -- no ! it is " only " HEALTH!

We know practicing Tai Chi is activated in your Qi and blood to strengthen physical fitness, enhances immunity. In the special currently epidemic situation period, practicing Tai Chi is the best and safe fitness.

Due to COVID-19,

many people feel uncomfortable with lots of people in the same classroom, even in the same building, because indoor air is just circulating.  I am now in response to some people's suggestions to have an outdoor Tai Chi, to help people strengthen their physique and enhance immunity to protect their health!

I have asked a gentleman in the office of Riverside park on old 41 in Bonita Spring.  The answer is we can do tai chi in the park.  I am now planning to provide Tai Chi classes for you.  It is very difficult to make a schedule to fit everyone.  Let's schedule on Saturday at 9:00 am, start on 10/03/2020.  If you are a beginner Tai Chi, you come and to try tow weeks tai chi class, then you will know what you want.  Maybe can't have lots of people together. If you like to join or if you have any questions, please let me know.

Tai Chi is not mandatory for beginners. In the first few lessons, you will feel busy to follow up. But when you stick to about six hours of classes, you will discover the benefits of Tai Chi and enjoy the unique experience it brings to you. This is why Tai Chi can be popular for five thousand years. Come join us.  In the future, you will be proud of your decision today.

                                            World Tai Chi Day in 2012

Is there a picture in your mind? ------ A lot of people do Tai Chi in the park, and everyone's movements are neat and consistent. They are movements so fluent, peaceful, and stable. Yes, you saw this big picture in China or in big cities in the United States. I believe you want to be one of the Tai Chi groups, right?  Now, you are a member of the group Tai Chi and practice Tai Chi with all Tai Chi enthusiasts. You will experience the feeling of big collective Tai Chi, it will bring you spirit, unrestrained, relaxed feeling.
  Bonita Springs City Recreation Center will hold a small event on World Tai Chi Day in 2021.  They hope to bring the benefits of Tai Chi to everyone. The activity will take place on the grass behind Liles Hotel 27300 Old 41 Rd in Bonita Spring at 9:30 am, on  Saturday of 04/24 morning.
The poster can be found on the following website: If you can't find it, please refer to the attachment. It has been released in the Bonita Springs City Recreation Center program.
On World Tai Chi Day on Saturday 04/24, we are all looking forward to seeing you participate in the big collective Tai Chi. Your presence will give me great encouragement and give beginners more courage and confidence, We count on you. 

Hope remember I mentioned: " I am old, So what? I have tai chi.

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IMG_3182 (2).PNG
 That is really Tai Chi


Today, Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body, not only in China but around the world.

Tai Chi is an aerobic exercise, which is slow movements, it is powerful, steady and safe. It is best for the adult. Join us start your Tai Chi today, 
If you're not sure the Tai Chi is right for you. The answers can be found below.
You’re satisfied: Yes or No?
#1, Your balance. It also is the most important one.
#2, Your leg strength.
#3, Your coordination ability.
#4, Your sleep.
#5, Your posture.
#6, Your blood pressure.
#7, Your skin.
#8, Your feet feel cold under the air conditioner.
#9, Your shoulder and neck stiffness.
#10, You are patient.
If you have more than two and are not satisfied or just have poor balance. I suggest you join our Tai Chi class soon to improve your life.
Hope to see you then and let's work together to improve your life. 

The Season is coming again, Tai Chi class got great support from the director of your community fitness center.   In this season I provided Tai Chi classes the communities  in Estero & Bonita Springs,  North Naples, and Ft Myers: 

 This season, most classes start in Oct.  You can contact your fitness center to have a Tai Chi class schedule, or you can request your fitness Director to have my Tai Chi classes in your community.  If you do not join the community fitness program, you are welcome to join our public class in Bonita Spring.

We also provide only balance training. 

If you and your friend like to have a small group and need a workshop or if you like to have private classes to learn more and deep, like to feel your qi with your tai chi movements, please let me know. 

 Flexible schedule.

We have many flexible schedules classes.  Small group workshop ( 6 people max).  Private class and instructor training class at Bonita Springs. This schedule is flexible.  I also can come to your studio or your home if you need it.
If you need more information, please leave a message, I will respond as soon as possible.



Danli Neilson: USA Certified 

1.Tai Chi / Qi gong instructor level III.

2.  Personal Fitness Trainer --Special for Balance.

3. Health Coach.



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