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Command & Movements

Practice Tai Chi and Qigong.  Relaxed pace to stable, light and agile, we expected Qi penetration belly---"dan tian", power from "dan tian" .

Tai Chi is more than just an exercise. It is also a dance that can relax and uplift your entire body.  when doing Tai Chi you will be intoxicate, your body will feel beautiful flowing movements just like water flowing.  a relaxing smooth flowing...

Tai Chi 24 form Yang Style Command                         


1. Starting Postures

2. Part the wild horse’s mane-- Left/Right 

3. White Crane Spreads its wings

4.  Brush Knee and Step Forward –Brush left /Right
5. Play Lute/Play Guitar
6. Step Back Reeling Forearms—right/ left,  or call Repulse Monkey

7. Grasp Sparrow’s(peacock)tail on left

8. Grasp Sparrow’s(peacock)tail on right

9. Single Whip
10. Wave Hands Like Clouds

11. Single Whip
12. Stroke Horse’s Back

13. Cross Hands Right heel kick/Separate Right Foot, Kick with Right Foot
14.  Strike Opponent's Ears with Fists
15. Turn, Cross Hands, and left heel kick

16. Single whip low and stand on the left leg

           1. Single Whip Squatting Down, Snake Creeps Down.

           2. Golden Rooster Stands on one leg/Golden Bird Standing Alone.

17. Single whip low and stand on the right leg

18. Shuttles Back and Forth or Fair Lady Works Shuttles, left/ right
19.  Needle at Sea Bottom

20. Ward off and push away
21. Turn, intercept, and Punch.
22. Appears Closed Shut or as if Closing a door
23. Cross Hands
24. Concluding Posture

Many students  requsted have a Tai Chi movements and Qigong video for practice.

I have a video for Tai chi 24 Yang syle, from #1 (starting Positions) to #9 (Single Whip) and complete 24 form movements below.

1-9  form of 24-- back side

I also have a DVD instruction video of Tai Chi  24 form , You can repeat many times  to follow it to practice your tai chi at home. It is very helpful for the people currently  learning tai chi ( not for the beginner)

The 24 forminstruction DVD contains samples of the movements

This video have Rear view and 
Front view of :
1, Whole set.
2, Explain movements for whole set.
3, Special movements.
4, Foot movements for whole set.
 Because it with explaining for every movements.  You can follow it to practice your tai chi at home.  Please contact me.

If you are learning tai chi. I suggest you have my instruction DVD and the movements sheet below. If you these two instructions use at the same time. It will be very helpful for you to practice tai chi.

Due to the size of file,  I can not include all of the movements.  If you would like to have 24 form whole movements and able to print out.  Please click "I like to print whole 24 form", then we will send you the 24 form yang style movements sheet.  Remenber tell me your class location.

Danli Neilson: USA Certified 

1.Tai Chi / Qi gong instructor level III.

2.  Personal Fitness Trainer --Special for Balance.

3. Health Coach.



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